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More than 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in Germany, Europe, USA and Asia in the roles:

  • Management

  • Member of the Executive Board

  • Chairman of the Executive Board

  • Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Board Member


Lead more than 120 transactions in the M & A sector including:

  • Thomas was part of the Board, which led to the AOL-Time Warner merger (to date the world's largest merger)

  • Development of RTL Group, to date the leading private TV/radio/production company in Europe

  • Acquisition of Random House and formation of the world's largest book publishing company

  • Launch, development and sale of AOL Europe, to date the largest cash profit in the digital world

  • Purchase of Condor and formation of the Thomas Cook Group

  • Merger of Thomas Cook Group with myTravel Group plc. led to the creation of the second largest tourism company in the world

  • Acquisition and sale of Apcoa AG with a 12x multiple

  • Sale of the Arcandor Real Estate Portfolio

  • Sale of Mediaways (today part of Telefonica)

  • Acquisition of Fremantle

  • Formation of Sportfive, Europe's leading sports rights agency

  • Loan Agreement of Napster


Developments of Bertelmann AG under the tenure of Thomas Middelhoff

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 4.44.00 PM.png
  • Revenue increase by 8.3 bn Euro

  • EBITA increased from 0.9 bn Euro to 3.2 bn Euro

  • Total assets grow from 7.0 bn Euro to 22.0 bn Euro

  • Sixfold increase of the shareholder equity

  • Rise of the amount of employees from 54.700 to 82.100


During his time as Chairman of the Executive Board at Bertelsmann AG:

  • Most admired media company worldwide on the Fortune 100 list

  • #1 on the list of most popular employers in Germany

  • Under his tenure, the Bertelsmann conglomerate became one of the world's best-known digital content providers


International network of investors from many years of activity as a manager and in the private equity area

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