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M&A Advisory

Middelhoff Consulting’s mergers and acquisitions advisory services helps clients in the United States and Asia by providing sell-side and buy-side advice, as well as counsel on mergers and joint ventures. This division can provide a full suite of advisory and execution services including the sale of companies or parts of companies on a success basis with no retainer, preparing a company for a sales process, organization and coordination of the sales process, and negotiation services. Examples of services include supporting and assisting clients with the selection of the right investment bank, as well as advising on strategy, timing, structure, and financing. In M&A advisory, Middelhoff Consulting helps with negotiating and closing transactions as well as leading the dealer and manager role in tender or exchange offers.


Middelhoff’s extensive track record of success demonstrates that he excels in advising complex transactions that require a custom-made approach. As a leader in the industry, with more than 120 transactions in the M&A sector, Middelhoff has extensive experience, including the AOL-Time Warner merger, a $182 billion media merger, which to date is the world's largest merger. Additional past client experience extends into the trade, tourism, health care, and technology industries, as the firm provides a range of advisory and execution services. 

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